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Structure Analyses and Flow Rate Model of Peristaltic Pump of Cement Foaming Machine

With the constant development in the fields of Greenness, Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation all over the world, the improvement of foam cement technology is to bring about a revolution in the architectural material industry. The main component of the cement foaming machine is the delivery pump system, in which the peristaltic pump is the most important part. In this thesis, on the bases of study of peristaltic pump in imported machines, mathematical models are made and an approximate calculation of flow rate of the peristaltic pump is given through exhaustive analyses of the structure and the changes in the cross section before and after compression rolling. This research will also make it possible to analyze the pressure in the exit of the pump and deduce the power needed by the driven peristaltic pump according to the factors like the calculation of on-way pressure loss with the consideration of working altitude. This research is expected to provide a theoretic principle for the development of cement foaming technology.

Chapter 8: Applied Mechanics and Design
Edited by
Qingkai Han, Kazuhiko Takahashi, Chang-Hyun Oh and Zhong Luo
Xiue Wu et al., 2011, Advanced Engineering Forum, 2-3, 852
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December 2011
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