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Fuzzy Enhancement of Power System Stability Using FACTS Devices

This paper investigates voltage stability of the power system during steady state and transient conditions. The voltage stability enhancement is achieved by utilizing FACTS devices at the best location of the system. The weakest bus in the system is the best location to implement shunt compensation device. In this paper, the weakest buses are identified via a fuzzy technique that utilizes two critical indices: Line Flow Index (LFI) and Voltage Profile Index (VPI) during normal and fault conditions. These indices are used to evaluate Criticality Index (CI) using Fuzzy rules, and thus, the system buses are ranked. Remedial actions are discussed to enhance the power system voltage stability by using FACTS devices (SVC and STATCOM) at the most vulnerable system buses. The results of this study show that the (STATCOM) performance is preferable to that of the (SVC) during fault conditions.

Chapter 23: Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, and Engineering
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Wu Fan
J. Hamad, K. El-Bahrawy, R. Sharkawy, "Fuzzy Enhancement of Power System Stability Using FACTS Devices", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 110-116, pp. 5200-5205, Oct. 2011
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October 2011
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