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A Design of Software Quality Model for Embedded System

This research aims to make a quality model for embedded system to consider special environment such as the development of adaptation with each system unit, work of interface between the units, and so on. For this process, we extract the attributes to fit on embedded system from DeLone and McLean’s IS model. Their model is not for embedded system but for information system. Therefore we delete and insert some attributes to correspond embedded system functions from their model. The proposed model has three qualities; system quality, information quality and operation quality in system design part, and we make the quality model to consider the relation of influence with each other.

Chapter 3: Mechatronic and Embedded System Applications
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Jing Guo
H. Y. Jeong, Y. H. Kim, "A Design of Software Quality Model for Embedded System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 157-158, pp. 680-683, Feb. 2012
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February 2012
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Authors: Hwa Young Jeong, Yoon Ho Kim
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