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Study on Vibratory Stress Relief of Cylindrical Welded Component with Energy-Saving and Environment

Cylindrical welded component is one of the typical components. It is necessary to do aging treatment for keeping stable dimension. Vibratory stress relief (VSR) is a new kind of technology which may eliminate the residual stress in metal component with high efficiency, energy-saving, environment protection and low cost compared with thermal stress relief (TSR). And the effect is greatly impacted by vibration parameter. Vibration modes are tested by modal analysis. Excitation frequency and point, support point and other parameter are determined by stress distribution and the fourth vibration mode of cylindrical welded component. Blind hole method is adopted to measure respectively component residual stress after welding and with 20 minutes of VSR treatment. Result shows that residual stress is reduced by 50% or so after VSR for cylindrical welded component. Therefore, vibratory parameters are determined by component residual stress distribution and its vibration mode. The best effect can be obtained for the technology of VSR.

Chapter 2: Advanced Building Materials
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Yongbo Shao, Shuguang Hao, Yuping Luo, Jibo Xing and Zhiyong Liu
X. W. Dong, J. H. Han, D. Ren, K. Mu, Z. M. Fu, Y. F. Zhai, "Study on Vibratory Stress Relief of Cylindrical Welded Component with Energy-Saving and Environment", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 174-177, pp. 1168-1172, 2012
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