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Analysis of Dry Dual Clutch Transmission Technology

Periodical Applied Mechanics and Materials (Volumes 184 - 185)
Main Theme Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering
Chapter Chapter 1: Mechanical Science and Engineering
Edited by Wen-Pei Sung, Jimmy (C.M.) Kao and Ran Chen
Pages 61-65
DOI 10.4028/
Citation You Li et al., 2012, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 184-185, 61
Online since June 2012
Authors You Li, Pei Liu
Keywords Automatic Transmission, Dual Clutch Transmission, Proportional Solenoid Valve
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Dual clutch transmission (DCT) combines the advantages of AMT and AT. This paper selects a certain type of dry DCT as the study object. The structure and working principle are introduced. A shift dynamic model is established to analyse the five phases of shift process. The oil line diagram of the electro-hydraulic control system is provided, and then the characteristics of the proportional solenoid valves which are critical control components of DCT are studied. The analysis results provide theoretical basis and guidance for the design and development for DCT.