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The Application of UG NX Second Development in Centrifugal Pump Impeller Vane 3D Solid Modeling

Periodical Applied Mechanics and Materials (Volumes 20 - 23)
Main Theme Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems
Edited by Qi Luo
Pages 1286-1291
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Xiu Ting Wei et al., 2010, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 20-23, 1286
Online since January 2010
Authors Xiu Ting Wei, Qiang Du, Jing Cheng Liu
Keywords Centrifugal Pump, Impeller Vane, Solid Modeling, UG NX Second Development
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The hydraulic model of the impeller and points of its vane surface given in the cylindrical coordinates, we can not directly use those data to accomplish the 3D solid modeling of the impeller in CAD systems. Based the Access and the UG NX, this paper puts forwards a new method for modeling centrifugal pump impeller vanes and presents the implementing procedure. And the method includes the following steps: 1) defining the data structure of hydraulic models; 2)converting the vane surface data from the cylindrical coordinate system to the cartesian coordinate system; 3)constructing the vane’s working surface and back surface along the axial transversals; 4) accomplishing the impeller’s 3D solid model by UG NX Second Development. The practical application demonstrates that the proposed method can shorten the cycle of impeller modeling and improve the design precision.