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Application of Chitosan as a Barrier Coating on Coated Ivory Board

Chitosan solution was applied to coated ivory board as a barrier material, and the surface microstructure, oxygen resistance and water vapor permeability of chitosan-coated paper under different coating weight were studied. According to the images of scanning electron microscope(SEM) and Atomic force microscope(AFM), the coated ivory board surface has a smooth contour without pores and cracks after coating with chitosan. Increasing in coating hold-out of chitosan, the smoothness and the oxygen barrier properties of coated paper were improved considerably, but no improvement on water vapor resistance. An Oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of 119.0 cm3/m2•24h•0.1MPa was obtained when the coating weight of chitosan was 3.96 g/m2. Single-layer and double-layer techniques were used to coat coated ivory paper with chitosan; it was found that the OTR of paper, obtaining by double-layer coating technique, was lower than that of single-layer paper at similar coating weight. For the purpose of reducing water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of chitosan-coated paper, Poly(vinyldene chloride)(PVDC) was applied on the chitosan-coated paper. Water vapor and oxygen barrier properties were enhanced as the coating weight of PVDC increased from 1.05 g/m2 to 7.40 g/m2. While the chitosan and PVDC was coated on coated ivory paper through bi-layer technique for 1.96 g/m2 and 7.40g/m2, respectively, the WVTR and OTR of paper decreased by 66.3% and 98.0% separately, compared to that of the chitosan-coated paper for 1.96g/m2.

Chapter 2: Packaging Materials
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Dechang Xi, Guoqiang Cai, Zhenlin Wang and De Gao
Z. Q. Fang, G. Chen, Y. S. Liu, X. S. Chai, "Application of Chitosan as a Barrier Coating on Coated Ivory Board", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 200, pp. 180-185, 2012
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October 2012
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