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Microstructures and Various Properties of Hot-Extruded Mg-Zr-Ca Alloys for Biomedical Applications

Periodical Applied Mechanics and Materials (Volume 232)
Main Theme Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2012
Chapter Chapter 2: Nanomaterials, Functional and Biomedical Materials
Edited by Amanda Wu
Pages 162-166
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Ying Long Zhou et al., 2012, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 232, 162
Online since November 2012
Authors Ying Long Zhou, Dong Mei Luo, Yun Cang Li, Cui'e Wen, Peter D. Hodgson
Keywords Biocompatibility, Corrosion Behavior, Hot-Extrusion, Mechanical Property, Mg-Zr-Ca Alloy, Microstructure
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The microstructures, mechanical properties, corrosion behavior, and biocompatibility of hot-extruded Mg-Zr-Ca alloys have been investigated for potential use in orthopedic applications. The microstructures of the alloys are examined by X-ray diffraction analysis and optical microscopy. The mechanical properties of Mg-Zr-Ca alloys are determined from compressive tests, the corrosion behavior is studied using immersion tests, and biocompatibility is evaluated by cell growth factor using osteoblast-like SaOS2 cell. The experimental results indicate that the hot-extruded alloys have much higher compressive strength than the as-cast alloys and the human bone, and can offer good mechanical properties for orthopedic applications. The hot-extrusion significantly enhances corrosion resistance of the alloys. Among the alloys, the hot-extruded Mg-0.5Zr-1Ca and Mg-1Zr-1Ca alloys possess good combination of mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility, suggesting that they have a great potential to be good candidates for orthopedic applications.