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Microstructures and Various Properties of Hot-Extruded Mg-Zr-Ca Alloys for Biomedical Applications

The microstructures, mechanical properties, corrosion behavior, and biocompatibility of hot-extruded Mg-Zr-Ca alloys have been investigated for potential use in orthopedic applications. The microstructures of the alloys are examined by X-ray diffraction analysis and optical microscopy. The mechanical properties of Mg-Zr-Ca alloys are determined from compressive tests, the corrosion behavior is studied using immersion tests, and biocompatibility is evaluated by cell growth factor using osteoblast-like SaOS2 cell. The experimental results indicate that the hot-extruded alloys have much higher compressive strength than the as-cast alloys and the human bone, and can offer good mechanical properties for orthopedic applications. The hot-extrusion significantly enhances corrosion resistance of the alloys. Among the alloys, the hot-extruded Mg-0.5Zr-1Ca and Mg-1Zr-1Ca alloys possess good combination of mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility, suggesting that they have a great potential to be good candidates for orthopedic applications.

Chapter 2: Nanomaterials, Functional and Biomedical Materials
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Amanda Wu
Y. L. Zhou, D. M. Luo, Y. C. Li, C.'e Wen, P. D. Hodgson, "Microstructures and Various Properties of Hot-Extruded Mg-Zr-Ca Alloys for Biomedical Applications", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 232, pp. 162-166, Nov. 2012
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November 2012
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