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Research on Fretting Fatigue Life of Interference Fit and its Influencing Factors

Interference-Fit Components, Especially under Rotating Bending Loads, Usually Suffer Fretting Fatigue, which Tremendously Reduces Service Lives of the Components. by Taking Specimens with Different Interference-Fit Parameters for Fatigue Test, their Fretting Fatigue Lives Could Be Obtained. and through Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software ABAQUS, the Ruiz Fretting Damage Parameter K(x) for each Tested Fatigue Specimen Were Achieved. then, According to the Test Data and the Results of Calculations, Two Fretting-Fatigue Life Prediction Models (model 1:N=c•K, and Model 2:N=λN0—m•Kn) )based on the Ruiz Fretting Damage Parameter Were Fitted, and their Ratλionalities and Validities Were Analyzed. at the same Time, the Influences of Interference-Fit Parameters -Interference Value (V), Casing outside Diameter (D), and Casing Length (L), Contact Pressure (p) and Friction Shear Stress (τ) on Fretting Fatigue Life Have Been Analyzed. the Results Showed that the Two Fitalic Textretting Fatigue Life Prediction Models Used in this Paper Were Valid, but, in Contrast, the Second One Was More Accurate and Rational; and that Fretting Fatigue Life (N) Decreased as V, D, L, P or τ Increasing.

Chapter 4: Applied Materials: Study, Structure, and Technologies
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Xiancan Deng and Xufeng Dong
C. W. Huang, G. X. Yang, N. J. Fu, J. L. Xie, "Research on Fretting Fatigue Life of Interference Fit and its Influencing Factors", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 251, pp. 293-300, 2013
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December 2012
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