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The Parametric Design and Motion Analysis of Disc Cam Mechanism with Straight Motion and Deviation Roller Follower

Periodical Applied Mechanics and Materials (Volumes 26 - 28)
Main Theme Advanced Mechanical Engineering
Edited by Zhenyu Du and Bin Liu
Pages 360-364
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Jian Ping Sun et al., 2010, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 26-28, 360
Online since June 2010
Authors Jian Ping Sun, Yi Ping Luo
Keywords Cam Mechanism with Deviation Roller Follower, Cam Mechanism with Straight Motion, Motion Simulation Analysis, Parametric Design, Pro/E
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In view of those situations which follower of cam mechanism have complicated motion law in rise travel and return travel, basing on secondary development and applying synthetically of Pro/E, following the reverse turn principle of the tradition graphic method, the wholly parameterized design system was developed. Furthermore, virtual assembly and motion simulation had been realized. According to the parameter imported by the consumer, the system can generate automatically cam pitch curve and cam contour of 16 kinds of combination follower motion law. It can raise cam mechanism product design quality and efficiency.