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Finite Element Simulating of C/SiC Composite Bolt

Authors: Tao Huang, Yi Yan Zhang
Chapter 1: Composites and Polymers
Abstract: A numerical investigation was conducted to determine the mechanical behavior of C/SiC composites bolt under room temperature and elevated...


The Preparation of CaZrO3 Coating Ultra-Fine Nickel Powders via Chemical Deposition

Authors: Rui Xu, Jin Zheng, Cui Fan, Yuan Yuan Gao
Chapter 1: Composites and Polymers
Abstract: Aiming at flexible oxidation in the MLCC production, the surface modification of the ultrafine nickel powders has been carried out to coat...


Theoretical Study of Energy-Level Splitting of Cs2NaPrCl6 Crystal

Authors: Mei Ling Duan, Jin Hong Li, Xiao Feng Yang
Chapter 1: Composites and Polymers
Abstract: The 91×91 complete energy matrix of 4f2 configuration ion Pr3+ in octahedral cubic crystal field has been constructed based upon the...


Preparation and Characterization of Fe3+-Doped TiO2/Diatomite Composite

Authors: Lu Sun, Jun Xiong Lin, Lan Wang, Kai Xin Song
Chapter 1: Composites and Polymers
Abstract: Fe3+-doped TiO2/diatomite composite photocatalyst were prepared by sol-gel method with titanium isopropoxide used as precursor material. The...


Research on VARTM Technology for Fabricating Basalt Fiber/Vinyl Ester Composites

Authors: Zu Li Sun, Ming En Guo, Zhi Ning Yu
Chapter 1: Composites and Polymers
Abstract: Basalt fiber has good sea water resistance, heat resistance and sound insulation. This shows that, basalt fiber is ideal material for ship...


Design, Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of Novel Tetrahedral Carbazole-Bridged Silanes with Benzimidazole Groups

Authors: Qing Yu Ma, Rui Fang Guan, Guo Zhong Li, Deng Xu Wang
Chapter 1: Composites and Polymers
Abstract: Two novel luminescent molecules based on tetrahedral silicon core with the carbazole and benzimidazole groups,...


Load-Carrying Capacity of Cantilevers of Anti-Flood Barriers Made of FRP Composite Structural Profiles

Authors: Jindrich Melcher, Marcela Karmazínová
Chapter 1: Composites and Polymers
Abstract: After the devastating floods in the Europe and Czech Republic especially, in 1997, 2002 and 2007 years, the need of the anti-flood...


Tribological Behavior of Si3N4-hBN Ceramic Materials Sliding against Fe-B Alloy without Lubrication

Authors: Wei Chen, Yi Min Gao, Jian Zhong Chen
Chapter 1: Composites and Polymers
Abstract: The tribological behavior of Si3N4-hBN composites sliding on Fe-B alloy without lubrication was investigated by using a pin-on-disc wear...


Isothermal Crystallization Behavior of Poly (L-lactic Acid)/ Surface-Grafted Silica Nanocomposites

Authors: Yan Hua Cai
Chapter 1: Composites and Polymers
Abstract: The Poly(L-lactic acid)(PLLA)/surface-grafting silica(g-SiO2) nanocomposites were prepared by melt blending. The isothermal crystallization...


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