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Key Technology Research on Rimming Fixture Design

Periodical Applied Mechanics and Materials (Volumes 271 - 272)
Main Theme Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science III
Chapter III. Advanced Design, Modelling, Analysis Science in Manufacturing Technologies
Edited by Wen-Pei Sung and Ran Chen
Pages 986-990
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Jin Gang Gao et al., 2012, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 271-272, 986
Online since December 2012
Authors Jin Gang Gao, Shuang Zhang, Hua Wang
Keywords Engine Front Cover, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Fixture, Rimming
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The role the rimming fixture is to ensure the models and the front cover having no relative motion in rolling process, and quality of fixture layout can influence if the cover edge has quality defects such as undulated in rimming process. First, this paper analyzes composition of the rimming bottom die and positioning clamping mechanism in rimming fixture, and obtains stressed situation of front cover edge under the action of rimming and stamping by the roll head by using the result of finite element analysis to the rimming process of front cover, combining with the design requirement of processing datum graph, the production program of engine hood, production class system and actuating rate „ÄĀfailure rate and production rhythm of production lines, establishes distribution points of rimming fixture and finally designs the rimming fixture of engine hood. The fixture is currently used in actual production with stable and reliable performance.