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Research on Urban Green Roof Technology

Periodical Applied Mechanics and Materials (Volume 312)
Main Theme Applied Research and Engineering Solutions in Industry
Chapter Chapter 7: Environment Engineering
Edited by Xudong Wang, Baoyu Xu and Qingmei Xiao
Pages 853-856
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Yang Wang et al., 2013, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 312, 853
Online since February 2013
Authors Yang Wang, Yan Chen
Keywords Functions, Green Roof, Technical Characteristics
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For the deteriorating urban ecological environment, the green roofs, as an important component of the urban landscape, play a positive and important role on constructing harmonious and natural urban environment. This article is focused on the analyses of the technical characteristics of green roof system and its structure, and also on the demonstration of the important effects of green roofs in areas such as energy-saving, emission reduction and eco-environment.