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Study on the Effect of Grid Column on Seismic Performance of Improved Multi-Ribbed Slab Structure

In order to confirm the calculation model of multi-ribbed slab structure and transmission of earthquake action, this paper improved existing multi-ribbed slab structure. The calculation model of improved multi-ribbed slab structure confirmed the stress relationship among three seismic fortification lines, and the transmission of earthquake action became clear, the same calculation model could be applied in structural analysis. For studying the effect of characteristic parameters of restoring force changing in the second seismic fortification line on seismic performance, and correcting the parameters, this paper analyze push-over model of the second seismic fortification line to get the static pushover curve. According to the study, the amount of steel bar in grid column and sectional dimensions of grid beam made the major effect on characteristic parameters of restoring force in the second seismic fortification line. The growth of steel bar’s sectional area in grid framework and the yield strength are mainly in direct proportion. It is more reasonable that simultaneously alter steel bar’s sectional area in grid frame and dimensions of grid framework to adjust characteristic parameters of restoring force changing in the second seismic fortification line.

Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
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Kun Qian et al., 2013, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 351-352, 910
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August 2013
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