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Deflection and Stress Analysis of Glass Plate in Elastic Deformation Processing

As the consumer market in the optics, electronics and aerospace industries grows, the demand of ultra-precision aspheric surface increases. The shape accuracy of the optical lens changes significantly with deformation conditions and optical properties of the lens varies with stress distribution within the lens. Therefore, determining the deflection and stress of glass lens is very important to improve the quality of the lens. In this paper, the deflection and stress theoretical results of BK7 glass plate have been presented in different cases of elastic deformation processing. The results are compared with the finite element analysis (FEA) to demonstrate the robustness and accuracy of algorithm in calculation of stress and deflection. The mentioned finite element models were established using the software Abaqus/CAE. The analytical and FEA results showed that if the edge of plate is simply supported, the maximum deflection is 4 times larger than in the fixed edge case. Otherwise if the edge and centre point of plate is simply supported, the maximum deflection is 2.5 times lower than in the fixed edge case and 11.3 times lower than in the simply supported at edge case.

Edited by
Yi-Min Deng, Aibing Yu, Weihua Li and Di Zheng
D. N. Nguyen, J. L. Yuan, B. H. Lv, Z. Wu, "Deflection and Stress Analysis of Glass Plate in Elastic Deformation Processing", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 37-38, pp. 288-293, 2010
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November 2010
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