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Conceptual Research Model of Factors that Influence Environmental Knowledge Management at Organizational Level

Accelerated development of humanity in recent decades generated a double effect as a result: (a) the development of economies, creating social welfare, on the one hand, and (b) a enormous pressure on the environment, causing pollution, on the other hand. Therefore the organizations need efficient management systems - which can be considered - to give them a plus on the competitive market; environmental management system with environmental knowledge management subsystem (EKMS) can be considered as the key to success of industrial organization. Low efficienty level of environmental knowledge management, operated by decisional agents (simple employee or manager in the position they hold) in the Romanian organizations (mainly the industrial organizations) is the main problem approached by this paper (MP). This paper intends to resolve the problem covered above (MP) designing a quality analysis model for environmental knowledge management and sinecvanon identifying the important factors that influence it (collecting data / information from: a. analysis of different documents (environmental documentation / job descriptions / organization and operation regulations) from the 10 industrial organizations of NE Region of Romania and beyond; b. analysis of the specialized literature (focusing on previous studies conducted)).

Chapter 9: Industrial and Product Management, Quality and Evaluation
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Oana Dodun Des Perrieres, Sergiu Mazuru and Laurenţiu Slătineanu
I. V. Herghiligiu, M. L. Lupu, C. Robledo, A. Kobi, "Conceptual Research Model of Factors that Influence Environmental Knowledge Management at Organizational Level", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 371, pp. 893-897, 2013
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August 2013
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