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Research on City Image Building of Singapore under the Guidance of Urban Planning

The Paper discusses the experiences of Singapore in city image building under the guidance of urban planning. By making use of such methods as documentary study and on-the-sport survey and starting from an angle of city image association, three elements for city image building are established and, based on those, the strategies of Singapore in city image building are touched on, mainly reflecting in following aspects: 1) with regard to city image mind identity, Singapore has undergone a transition from ‘Instant Asia’ to ‘Your Singapore’; 2) with respect to city image behavior identity, citizens, enterprises and government are encouraged to jointly participate in marketing city image and 3) as for city image visual identity, it has strengthened heritage protection, built the brand of cultural entertainment, planned and modeled city image by taking culture as guidance.

Chapter 6: Urban Planning and Design
Edited by
Weijun Yang and Jianguo Liang
Z. Yang, K. S. Chen, "Research on City Image Building of Singapore under the Guidance of Urban Planning", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 409-410, pp. 979-985, Sep. 2013
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September 2013
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