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SPC-Based Real-Time Control Method for CNC Machining Quality

Periodical Applied Mechanics and Materials (Volume 42)
Main Theme History of Mechanical Technology and Mechanical Design
Edited by Bo Zhao, Yidu Zhang, Guanglin Wang, Hai Zhang, Jianbin Zhang and Feng Jiao
Pages 263-267
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Xin Long Kang et al., 2010, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 42, 263
Online since November 2010
Authors Xin Long Kang, Dong Man Yu, Xue Ling Yang, Di Wang
Keywords CNC Machining, Control Chart, SPC
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This paper presents the methods and applications for the real-time control of CNC machining process quality in detail and clarifies the objectives of SPC for CNC machining, in order to enhance the understanding of the factors that cause instability to process system. Also, this paper adopts the methods and procedures for SPC to effectively serve the production of high-precision products for enterprises, in order to meet customers’ requirements and expectations.