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Cold Forging Process Analysis and Precision Progressive Die for Cam of Low-Carbon Steel

This paper analyzes the forming process methods of cam in CPU socket to control its open and close. The whole process is pierce, notch, the first forging forming, the second pierce(the second pilot hole), the second forging forming(sizing), impact forging forming, and trimming. The punch shape design of the first forging forming is simulated by finite element analysis. The optimized punch profile radius 0.50mm and punch size Φ10.60mm are available. Cold forging of precision progressive die is put forward. The second pierce pilot hole that newly designed is applied, which relief the deformation of pilot holes caused by severe metal flow. Compared with the traditional single operation dies, the precision progressive die based on cold forging process were proved through the practical production to be high economical efficiency, which could be the references for developing the cold forging process of producing the similar produsts.

Edited by
Ran Chen
D. C. Hu, L. Wang, "Cold Forging Process Analysis and Precision Progressive Die for Cam of Low-Carbon Steel", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 44-47, pp. 2733-2736, 2011
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December 2010
Authors: Xian Ying Feng, Hui Li, Ming Jun Yue, Yan Ying Su
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