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Embedding the Importance of Commercialisation of University’s Research in the Engineering Education in Malaysia

This paper analyses the importance of embedding the importance of commercialisation of University’s research in the Engineering education in Malaysia. By conducting courses or program about this commercialization aspects by the engineering faculty, the commercialization process for the university will be sustained in future. The literature so far reviewed shows that engineering education processes have been extensively studied to study the best mechanism and model for engineering education in Malaysia. Aiming to contribute to such literature, we look at the current practice of Engineering Faculties under the Malaysian Research Universities in order to see to what extent aspects of commercialization of university’s research are incorporated in their syllabus. We found that the aspect of the commercialization of university‘s innovation are less exposed to engineering students in Malaysia. This paper suggests that it is vital to incorporate the commercialization of university’s research aspects into the engineering syllabus to develop the culture of entrepreneurship among engineering students which eventually assists the university to commercialize its’research.

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Ran Chen
W. M. H. W. Hussain, M. N. A. Rahman, N. I. Yaakub, Z. A. Zainol, W. K. Mujani, "Embedding the Importance of Commercialisation of University’s Research in the Engineering Education in Malaysia", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols 44-47, pp. 3514-3518, Dec. 2010
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December 2010
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