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A Research on the Impact of Photovoltaic Power Network-Connected on Power Loss of Distribution Network

Smart Grid framework to achieve clean energy friendly access, to achieve energy conservation and reduction of environmental pollution, is to build the smart grid hallmark. Photovoltaic power plants grid, although to bring some impact on the grid, but also a certain role in promoting on the line loss rate decreased. This ignores the impact of other factors, only from the perspective satisfy voltage constraints, analyzing PV power plant different grid location and grid capacity for line loss rate.

Chapter 22: Power Grid and Smart Grid Technologies
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Mojie Sun and Yingjie Zhang
Y. Zhao, L. Liu, W. Y. Sun, Q. P. Zou, "A Research on the Impact of Photovoltaic Power Network-Connected on Power Loss of Distribution Network", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 448-453, pp. 2239-2244, Oct. 2013
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October 2013
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