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Characteristics Analysis of Soil Temperature of Surrounding Underground Pipe of Ground Source Heat Pump when Thermal and Seepage Coupled

The heat transfer capability of the underground geothermal heat exchanger (GHE) is influenced by groundwater advection, and heat conduction and groundwater heat advection is coupled. Based on porous medium theory, the GHE’s mathematical model under coupled heat conduction and advection is established with correspond simplifications. Through numerical simulation, the performance of the GHE with groundwater advection is analyzed. The GHE’s heat transfer effect in winter in the continuous operation mode(COM) and the intermittent operation mode(IOM) is compared, furthermore the soil recovering effect in IOM is analyzed, finally the heat recovering time which the soil demands in a system running period is researched. It supplies theory support and technology accumulation for the application of ground-source heat pump (GSHP).

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Zhixiang Hou
Xiao Bin Zhang et al., 2011, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 48-49, 304
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February 2011
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Authors: Jin Feng Mao, Yong Li, Shi Bin Geng, Hua Zhang, Yong Hua Liu
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