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Modeling and Simulation of Visual Tri-Tier Immune System

A visual modelling approach and its computational technique were proposed to represent and simulate a kind of immune system, which is comprised of immune cells and immune molecules etc. To study natural immune system and artificial immune system according to information theories and computational methodologies, the hierarchical model of the immune system was proposed, more faithful and suitable for visual simulation than traditional models. The hierarchical immune system basically consisted of innate immune tier, adaptive immune tier and immune cell tier. Thus, the tri-tier model of the immune system was seamless and coherent with the architecture of the artificial immune system, so that the research on the natural immune system and the research on the artificial one could improve and synchronize each other. Though the structure and features of the natural immune system were difficult to measure and test, the tri-tier architecture and qualitative features of the artificial immune system were built, changed and verified. To validate the new approach to visualize and explore the natural immune system, many experiments were tested on the tri-tier artificial immune system. At last, the visual results of the simulations show that the visual modelling approach can provide an effective and better way of understanding the natural immune system.

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Zhixiang Hou
Tao Gong et al., 2011, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 48-49, 701
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February 2011
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