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Varistor Characteristic Analysis of the Piezoresistive Sensors

Periodical Applied Mechanics and Materials (Volumes 494 - 495)
Main Theme Current Development of Mechanical Engineering and Energy
Chapter Chapter 3: Measurement and Instrumentation, Monitoring and Detection Technologies, Fault Diagnosis
Edited by J. Shao and Y.Q. Zhang
Pages 997-1000
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Yun Bo Shi et al., 2014, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 494-495, 997
Online since February 2014
Authors Yun Bo Shi, Xiang Li *
Keywords ANSYS, Piezoresistive Sensor, Sensitivity, Varistor
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* Corresponding Author

In the process of the piezoresistive sensor design, the placement of varistor has a great influence on the sensitivity of the sensor.In this paper, three theoretical models of piezoresistive sensor are established.The stress simulation analysis of the different varistor path way placed on the cantilever beam is conducted in Ansys software. The sensitivities of the axis and transverse direction are calcuated and compared by Matlab compiler. The results show that the placement of varistor which is parallel to the cantilever beam is the most optimal choice.