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Performance, Protection and Strengthening of Structures under Extreme Loading

Volume 82
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Theory and Practice in Reducing the Vulnerability of Residential Buildings Subjected to Extreme Loads - a Multi Hazard Perspective

Authors: David Z. Yankelevsky, Stephan Schwarz, Yuri Karinski
Keynote Lectures
Abstract: The spread of terror and war threats aimed against built up urban areas has extended considerably and attracts the attention and concern of...


Urban Habitat Constructions under Catastrophic Events: The COST C26 Action

Authors: Federico M. Mazzolani
Keynote Lectures
Abstract: The main objective of the international research project (COST C26 Action, Chairman F.M. Mazzolani) dealing with “Urban Habitat...


Mitigating Impact Frailty of Concrete with Fiber Reinforcement

Authors: Nemy Banthia
Keynote Lectures
Abstract: Since 9/11, there has been an increased interest in developing a better understanding of the properties of concrete structures under impact...


Dynamic Fracture of Concrete–3D Numerical Study of Compact Tension Specimen

Authors: Joško Ožbolt, Akanshu Sharma, Hans Wolf Reinhardt
Chapter 1: Performance of Materials
Abstract: The behavior of concrete structures is strongly influenced by the loading rate. Compared to quasi-static loading concrete loaded by impact...


Free Water Influence on the Dynamic Tensile Behaviour of Concrete

Authors: Benjamin Erzar, Pascal Forquin
Chapter 1: Performance of Materials
Abstract: Concrete is a material used all over the world for civil engineering but the mechanisms governing its dynamic behaviour are still not well...


How to Determine the Dynamic Fracture Energy of Concrete. Theoretical Considerations and Experimental Evidence

Authors: Jaap Weerheijm, Ilse Vegt
Chapter 1: Performance of Materials
Abstract: Data on the dynamic fracture energy of concrete are scarce and also not consistent due to different test methods, data analyses and...


Compressive Behavior of Plain and Fiber-Reinforced High-Strength Concrete Subjected to High Strain Rate Loading

Authors: Sha Sha Wang, Min Hong Zhang, Ser Tong Quek
Chapter 1: Performance of Materials
Abstract: This paper presents a laboratory experimental study on the effect of high strain rate on compressive behavior of plain and fiber-reinforce...


Experimental Investigation of High Strain-Rate Behaviour of Glass

Authors: Marco Peroni, George Solomos, Valerio Pizzinato, Martin Larcher
Chapter 1: Performance of Materials
Abstract: The purpose of this work is to assess the dynamic mechanical behaviour of a commercial glass similar to that of the laminated glass...


Simulation of Laminated Glass Loaded by Air Blast Waves

Authors: Martin Larcher, Martien Teich, Norbert Gebbeken, George Solomos, Folco Casadei, Grecia A. Falcon, Sonja L. Sarmiento
Chapter 1: Performance of Materials
Abstract: In this paper, several material models are analyzed in order to represent and compare the behaviour of laminated glass subjected to blast...


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