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Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86
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Development of Helicopter Power Transmission System Technology

Authors: Ze Yong Yin, Bi Bo Fu, Tong Bo Xue, Yong Hong Wang, Jie Gao
Abstract: The helicopter power transmission system technology is the key technical area for improving the helicopter performance, reducing the...


Future Transmissions for Wind Turbines

Authors: Bernd Robert Höhn
Abstract: Most transmissions for wind turbines are set up by multiple consecutively arranged planetary gear sets and/or normal gear sets. Therefore...


Dynamic Behavior of Helical Gears with Effects of Shaft and Bearing Flexibilities

Authors: Kai Feng, Shigeki Matsumura, Haruo Houjoh
Abstract: This study presents a numerical model of helical gears to consider the effects of shaft and bearing flexibility. A primary feature of this...


Dynamic Modeling of Multi-Stage Planetary Gears Coupled with Bearings in Housing

Authors: Zheng Ming Xiao, Da Tong Qin
Abstract: This work develops an analytical model of multi-stages planetary gear transmission (PGT) coupled with bearings in housing based on analyzing...


A Static and Dynamic Model of Spiral Bevel Gears

Authors: Jing Wang, Joël Teixeira Alves, Michèle Guingand, Jean Pierre de Vaujany, Philippe Velex
Abstract: Two three-dimensional lumped parameter dynamic models of spiral bevel gears are presented and compared. The first approach is classic and...


Research on Meshing Characteristics for Face Gear with Arcuate Tooth

Authors: Xiang Wei Cai, Zong De Fang, Jin Zhan Su
Abstract: The generating of face gear with arcuate tooth has been proposed in this paper, and the meshing characteristics are investigated. Based on...


A Challenge to Design of a New Harmonic Drive Device

Authors: Shu Ting Li
Abstract: A new silk-hat type of harmonic drive device (HDD) with arc flexspline (FS) structure is developed. Loaded gear contact analysis (LGCA) and...


Study on Helical Tooth Profile Modification of Planetary Gear Transmission on the Basis of Gear Transmission Error

Authors: Yu Tang, Shan Chang, Zhi Qiang Wang, Kun Zhang
Abstract: In order to minimize the fluctuation of gear transmission error (GTE) about the planetary gear transmission. A method was developed...


Optimization Procedure for Complete Planetary Gearboxes with Torque, Weight, Costs and Dimensional Restrictions

Authors: Ulrich Kissling, Inho Bae
Abstract: In a gear box design, it is quite difficult for a designer to quickly find an optimum solution, while the space restriction is given and the...


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