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Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86
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Authors: Geng Liu, Shan Chang, Li Yan Wu, Ying Sheng Li
Abstract:Planetary gear train (PGT) with herringbone gears is one of typical transmission styles used in marine power transmission. How to effectively...
Authors: Wen Qiang Ding
Abstract:This paper performs analyses and studies to a part of the foreign advanced helicopter transmission system technology. It introduces the...
Authors: Fan Ming Meng, Yuan Pei Chen
Abstract:The average flow model proposed by Patir and Cheng offers a great convenience for the mixed-lubrication analysis of rough surfaces. The...
Authors: Alexander Kapelevich
Abstract:In many gear transmissions the tooth load on one flank is significantly higher and is applied for longer periods of time than for the...
Authors: Tong Bo Xue, Gai Qi Li
Abstract:In this paper the failures which may occur in the development and service of the helicopter transmission system are discussed. The mode,...
Authors: Ming Yong Liu, Cai Chao Zhu, Chu Nai Yan, Xiang Yang Xu, Xiao Rong Zhang
Abstract:Due to those disadvantages of the cycloidal-pin wheel transmission, such as complex structure, low efficiency and low bearing capacity, a new...
Authors: Yu Qi Zheng, Xiang Zhen Xue, San Min Wang
Abstract:Gear dynamics model and 16-degree of freedom nonlinear vibration equations of the combining gear drive system are established considering...
Authors: Baian Hu
Abstract:On the base of reading up the latest overseas certification specifications and integrating the experience of engineering practice, the...
Authors: Jing Ying Huang, Zhen Jun Liu, Wei Sun, Da Tong Qin
Abstract:The Dry-type Dual Clutch system is designed for a certain Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), and transient analysis is performed to investigate...
Authors: Qian Guo, Chao Lin, Wei Quan
Abstract:This paper makes the emulate experimental research of cutting force in high-speed dry gear milling by flying cutter with finite element...
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