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Assembly Sequence Planning for Aircraft Component Based on Improved Clashes Matrix

Periodical Applied Mechanics and Materials (Volumes 88 - 89)
Main Theme Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, Modeling and Simulation
Chapter Chapter 1: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Edited by Xingui He, Ertian Hua, Yun Lin and Xiaozhu Liu
Pages 22-28
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Liu Ying Yang et al., 2011, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 88-89, 22
Online since August 2011
Authors Liu Ying Yang, Gang Zhao, Bin Bin Wu, Guang Rong Yan
Keywords Assembly Direction, Assembly Feasibility, Assembly Sequence Planning, Genetic Algorithm (GA), Improved Interference Matrix
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The aircraft parts contain the information of a great number of curves and surfaces, which makes it a big challenge for the aircraft components’ Assembly Sequence Planning (ASP) processes. The traditional interference matrix has limitation of expressing the assembly direction and can easily lead to the failure of ASP optimization. Hence, an improved interference matrix is provided in this paper to deal with the aircraft ASP problem based on the Genetic Algorithms (GA). With the mainly consideration of assembly time according to the assembly sequence evaluation criteria, the objective function is established and evaluated. This paper presents an application of the method in the aircraft cabin door assembly process supported by an 863 program. Meanwhile, the verification of the approach is shown in the practical example on MATLAB platform.