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Study on the Section's Extreme Position of Roadheader's Cutting Arm in Coal Mine Laneway

Directional excavation technology in the coal mine laneway is the important research direction of integrated excavation project. This paper studies the changes of cutting section shape and boundary values caused by the swing of boom-type roadheader's cutting arm ​​to calculate the maximum values of compensable pose deviation when cutting, as the research basis for the accuracy analysis of boom-type roadheader's directional excavation. This paper gives the calculation method of cutting arm control, spatial modeling and analysis of cutting head position changes caused by cutting arm in thought of the three-dimensional analytic geometry, and also gives verification in the way of Matlab graphics simulation. At last, a control method to compensate section boundary by cutting arm is put forward.

Chapter 1: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
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Xingui He, Ertian Hua, Yun Lin and Xiaozhu Liu
J. Mu, Y. B. Du, R. Li, J. Tian, M. Wu, "Study on the Section's Extreme Position of Roadheader's Cutting Arm in Coal Mine Laneway", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 88-89, pp. 5-9, 2011
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August 2011
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