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Magnetic Field Actuation of Shape Memory Nanocomposites

Shape memory polymers are stimuli-responsive materials able to adaptively store a temporary (deformed) shape and recover a ‘memorized’ permanent shape under an external stimulus. In shape-memory polymers, changes in shape are mostly induced by heating, and exceeding a specific switching temperature, Tswitch. If polymers cannot be warmed up by heat transfer using a hot liquid or gaseous medium, noncontact triggering will be required. In this article, the magnetically induced shape-memory effect of composites from NdFeB magnetic particles and crosslinked low density polyethylene (XLDPE) shape memory nanocomposite containing 2 wt% nanoclay is introduced. Various amounts of NdFeB particles (5, 15, 40 wt %) were added to the nanocomposite. Electromagnetically triggered shape memory properties of the formed composites were conducted using an alternative magnetic field with a frequency of 9 kHz and strength of 15 kW. The shape recovery of samples was possible by inductive heating and the shape recovery rates comparable to those obtained by conventional heating methods were demonstrated. It was concluded that the maximum heat generation achievable by inductive heating in the alternative magnetic field depends on magnetic particle content. The sample containing 15wt% NdFeB reached a full shape recovery of 25% extension within 6 minutes remaining in the magnetic field.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 123-125)
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Joong Hee Lee
A. Golbang, M. Kokabi, "Magnetic Field Actuation of Shape Memory Nanocomposites", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 123-125, pp. 999-1002, Aug. 2010
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August 2010
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