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Investigations into Manufacturing Composite Profiles Having Local Magnesium-Foam Reinforcements

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volume 137)
Main Theme Creation of High-Strength Structures and Joints
Edited by Heinz Palkowski and Kai-Michael Rudolph
Pages 129-160
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Tillmann Plorin et al., 2010, Advanced Materials Research, 137, 129
Online since October 2010
Authors Tillmann Plorin, Dirk Bormann, Torsten Heidenblut, Friedrich Wilhelm Bach
Keywords Magnesium Foam, Reinforced Foam, Roll Forming
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Owing to their mechanical properties, metallic foams possess the outstanding ability to considerably improve a structure's stiffness and energy absorption capacity with low increases in weight. In the research results from the sub project A4 "Foam filled, rolled, closed profiles” of the CRC 675 "Creation of high strength metallic structures and joints by setting up scaled local material properties" introduced here, both the manufacture as well as the reinforcement of magnesium foams, which are produced by means of powder metallurgy, are described. The potential for increasing their strengths using reinforcements are demonstrated and the results of mechanical tests are presented. In addition to this, research results are presented which have contributed to achieving the main objectives of developing a combined technology for producing profiles which are locally reinforced using magnesium foam. The developed technology is characterised by integrating the foaming process into the roll forming process.