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Fatigue Life Calculation Concepts for Structures with Locally Modified Properties

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volume 137)
Main Theme Creation of High-Strength Structures and Joints
Edited by Heinz Palkowski and Kai-Michael Rudolph
Pages 317-346
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Tim Medhurst et al., 2010, Advanced Materials Research, 137, 317
Online since October 2010
Authors Tim Medhurst, Alfons Esderts, Rainer Masendorf
Keywords Additional Forming Element, Cyclic Hardening, Forming, Incremental Step Test, Low Cycle Fatigue, Temperature Influence on Fatigue Life, Work-Hardening
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The influence of forming on the cyclic behaviour of various thin sheet metals with austenitic phases is looked into, with the main focus lying on the variation of cyclic parameters and the progression of work hardening over the materials’ fatigue life. There is a marked interaction of hardening due to increased dislocation density resulting from forming and hardening due to cyclic straining under varying strain amplitudes of strain controlled LCF testing. This is strongly dependant on the degree of forming and the amplitude of the following cyclic loading. Also, the temperature influence during forming of addtional forming elements in a temperature controlled die on the fatigue performance of austenitic and complex three phase steels was analysed, showing a marked influence of the forming temperature on the fatigue performance, enabling positive effects to be achieved by choosing suitable material specific forming temperatures.