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Study of RPC Mechanical Properties and Anti-Freeze-Thaw Resistance

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 168 - 170)
Main Theme Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011
Edited by Lijuan Li
Pages 1742-1748
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Yan Zhong Ju et al., 2010, Advanced Materials Research, 168-170, 1742
Online since December 2010
Authors Yan Zhong Ju, Feng Wang, De Hong Wang
Keywords Anti-Freeze-Thaw Performance, Mechanical Property, Mix Proportion, RPC
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To study the mechanical properties of RPC performance and freeze-thaw resistance,through the experimental study discussed the water-cement ratio, silica fume cement ratio, steel fiber content, curing system and other factors on the mechanical properties of reactive powder concrete and anti-freezing properties. Research indicates that many factors in the RPC, the water cement ratio is the most important factor, followed by the silica fume cement ratio, finally the steel fiber content, and curing system for the growth of its early strength also have a greater role.