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Mechanical Properties of Heat Treated 65Mn Steel Produced by Compact Strip Production

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 168 - 170)
Main Theme Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011
Edited by Lijuan Li
Pages 832-836
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Gang Huang et al., 2010, Advanced Materials Research, 168-170, 832
Online since December 2010
Authors Gang Huang, Guo Hua Jiao, De Zhi Wen, Chun Quan Zhou, Kai Ming Wu
Keywords CSP, Heat Treatment, High-Carbon Steel, Thin Slab
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The mechanical properties of the heat treated 65Mn steel that produced by CSP (Compact Strip Production) and conventional continuous casting process were investigated. Measured results showed that 65Mn steel produced by CSP exhibits higher hardness than that produced by conventional continuous casting process. The better mechanical property was attributed to fine-grained microstructures in the as-rolled CSP strips.