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Effects of Girdle Pressure on Skin Blood Flow

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 175 - 176)
Main Theme Silk
Edited by Lun Bai and Guo-Qiang Chen
Pages 849-852
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Ya Nan Huang et al., 2011, Advanced Materials Research, 175-176, 849
Online since January 2011
Authors Ya Nan Huang, Xiao Wen Zhao, Xiao Qun Dai, Ya Ning Li
Keywords Girdle Pressure, Laser Flowmeter, Skin Blood Flow
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The safety and comfort play more and more important roles in foundation wear design. In this paper, the change of skin blood flow under pressure is focused on. Three healthy young females were recruited to participate in the experiment. The subjects were required to wear girdles of different design, and the pressures and skin blood flow at five feature points were measured by using AMI system. Moreover, pressures of different magnitudes were exerted at the convex points of pelvis and hip by using the AMI pressure chamber, the change of skin blood flow under these pressures were observed. Some conclusions were drawn as follows: the pressure distribution under girdle was not uniform on skin surface; SBF increased under pressures, but it turned to decrease if pressure was very high; the skin pressure could be eased to varing degrees by the soft tissue, and SBF was influenced by the pressure exerted on capillaries rather than skin pressure.