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The Effects of Detergent on the Microbiological Changes of Fermenting Cassava for Fufu Production

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 18 - 19)
Main Theme Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies
Edited by Akii Ibhadode
Pages 145-150
DOI 10.4028/
Citation E.T. Aisien et al., 2007, Advanced Materials Research, 18-19, 145
Online since June 2007
Authors E.T. Aisien, F.A. Aisien
Keywords Detergent, Fermenting Cassava, Fufu, Microorganism, Odour, Texture
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The effects of detergent on the microbiological changes of cassava for fufu production were investigated for a period of 72hr. Microbiological analyses of the fermenting cassava samples using standard methods were carried out. Six microbial species: Lactobacillus plantarum, Citrobacter freundii, Corynebacterium manihot, Lactobacillus cellobioscus, Pseudomonas alcaligens, and Leuconostoc mesenteriods were identified for the control. The same organisms were identified for the low detergent concentrations (1g/L, 2g/L) except Corynebacterium manihot, Leuconostoc mesenteriods, which were completely destroyed. High detergent concentrations (4g/L, 8g/L) inhibited the growth and subsequently killed all the organisms living very few Citrobacter freundii behind. At low detergent concentrations the cassava ferment within 48hr without objectionable odour. However, at high detergent concentrations there was no fermentation even after 72hr. The control samples fermented after 72hr with undesirable odour.