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Effect of Thickness and Length of Ion Polymer Metal Composites (IPMC) on its Actuation Properties

IPMC (ionic polymer metal composite), a kind of ionic electroactive polymer (EAP) has wide applications in the filed of bionics and artificial apparatus for its fast and large bending deformation under the low driving voltages. In this paper, thick IPMCs with various numbers of films were first fabricated by the hot-pressing method. Then the effect of the thickness on its properties, such as the tip forces and water uptake capability, were investigated. The effect of length of the IPMC on its tip forces was further studied. SEM (scanning electron microscopy) micrographs of IPMC specimen were also examined.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 197-198)
Edited by
Huaiying Zhou, Tianlong Gu, Daoguo Yang, Zhengyi Jiang, Jianmin Zeng
S. F. Li, "Effect of Thickness and Length of Ion Polymer Metal Composites (IPMC) on its Actuation Properties", Advanced Materials Research, Vols 197-198, pp. 401-404, Feb. 2011
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February 2011
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