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Authors: Chia Chia Lin, Dong Her Shih
Abstract:It is proved by many studies that it is more costly to acquire than to retain customers. Consequently, evaluating current customers to keep...
Authors: Feng Liu, Jian Yu Bai, Lin Jun Sun
Abstract:In this paper, a novel robust grayscale watermarking algorithm based on Two-Levels DCT and SVD is proposed. The watermark signal is (32× 32 ×...
Authors: Jian Xiong Xie, Zhe An Lu
Abstract:The aggregate gradation and mechanical property of particle reinforced composite (resin and quartz sand composite ) were studied with test,...
Authors: Ying Fu, Yi Feng Zhang
Abstract:Organic modifier (PSFD) of poly-silicic-ferric (PSF) coagulant was prepared by adding dimethyldiallylammonium chloride (DMDAAC) as additives...
Authors: Jing Bing Yang, Hui Ding, Shu Dong Zhang
Abstract:This paper proposes an image weak-edge detection method based on the combination of edge features and BP neural networks. Through analyzing...
Authors: Shu Lin Tang, An Nan Jiang, Hui Zhao
Abstract:Aiming at the problems of conventional underground engineering feedback analysis methods, such as being limited in local optimization and...
Authors: Jun Hai Ma, Xin Jian Dong
Abstract:Selecting the main indicators of national economic development, using cluster analysis to evaluate 17 cites in Shandong Province with the...
Authors: Ye Xu, Zhuo Wang
Abstract:Measuring complex Internet topology is primary research activities in Internet-related research fields and has become a focus recently. And...
Authors: Ye Xu, Zhuo Wang
Abstract:Hydroturbine temperature fault diagnosis in hydro-electrical simulation system (HESS) through a way of fuzzy logic is studied in this paper....
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