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Authors: Lan Yi Sun, Cheng Zhai, Hui Zhang
Abstract:In this paper, using Matlab to solve Soave-Redlich-Kwong (SRK) EOS, as well as the estimation of pure component properties, plotting of...
Authors: Lan Yi Sun, Cai Xia Qi, Jun Li, Qing Song Li
Abstract:A control strategy which is based on the Catalytic Divided Wall Column (CDWC) for hydrolysis of methyl acetate (MeAc) is studied and a...
Authors: Lan Yi Sun, Jun Li, Xue Nuan Liu, Qing Song Li
Abstract:The heat coupled distillation column which applies the principle of internal heat integration between the rectifying section and the...
Authors: Yan Bo Che, Jian Chen, Bo Zhao
Abstract:Microgrid system, as the carrier of control strategy, can provide verification platform for the research. This paper discusses the control...
Authors: Yan Bo Che, Jing Ding Ren
Abstract:This paper establishes current control model of grid-connected inverter in synchronous rotating frame. Based on the model, a new control...
Authors: Yan Bo Che, Bin Liu
Abstract:Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is an important means to improve efficiency of PV power systems. The simulation model achieving MPPT of...
Authors: Feng Ling Wang, Yuan Yi Zhang, Xiang Yang
Abstract:With the increasingly wide range applications of Web and the continue development of Web development technology, developers urgently need a...
Abstract:Paper removed due to copyright divergencesc
Authors: Jian Guo Cui, Bo Han Song, Shi Liang Dong, Hai Gang Liu, Qing Zhao
Abstract:In order to diagnose the health state of Aircraft effectively, a new method based on ARMA Model and probabilistic neural network(PNN) is...
Authors: Jun Xiang Gao, Yan Tian
Abstract:Localization of the sensor nodes is a major obstacle for practical applications of video sensor networks. This paper present a novel...
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