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Authors: Hao Qing Yu, You Gen Gong, Ai Ping Liu
Abstract:This paper addresses how to discover wind erosion of aircraft components in time and to take appropriate measures to repair and prevent...
Authors: Ying Hua Wang, Hai Xing Wang
Abstract:There are many kinds of Ecological-type revetment, including types of Natural vegetation, Masonry, Eco-Concrete and so on. What is more, the...
Authors: Bo Wen Zhong, Li Guo Chen, Zhen Hua Wang, Li Ning Sun
Abstract:A novel trans-scale precision positioning stage based on the stick-slip effect was developed. Combining with LuGre friction model, the...
Authors: Hai Ying He
Abstract:The main cause of cement concrete pavement fracture is void beneath slab, while water is an important factor of void beneath slab. In order...
Authors: Yu Tao Ling, Ben Shun Yi, Jian Bin Wu
Abstract:There has been explosive demand for supporting multi-class traffic, especially bandwidth-intensive multimedia traffic in wireless networks....
Authors: Chang Gui Cheng, Le Yu, Wen Cheng Wan, Zhong Tian Liu, Yan Jin
Abstract:With the methods of macrostructure observation and temperature measurement, the paper has studied the influence rules of static magnetic...
Authors: Shu Guo Yang
Abstract:Cloud computing is regarded as one of the most enticing technologies and potential silver bullet in the IT industry. Because of open...
Authors: Qing Fu Lin
Abstract:It’s hard to directly transmit ‘Mechanical Engineering Online Courses’ on the computer network, for there are many diagrams with complex...
Authors: Xiao Ying Ouyang
Abstract:According to moisture damage phenomenon of hunan province expressway, this study choses Lin-Chang, Lei-Yi, Heng-Zao as research object.The...
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