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Authors: Yi Liao, Shu Ping Yi, Fa Quan Li
Abstract:This paper investigates knowledge work process and its characteristics based on human-information system (H-IS) interaction using concurrent...
Authors: Yan Wang, Zhi Li
Abstract:The present work contributes to the field of border and coastal surveillance sound target classification. A new feature extraction method is...
Authors: Guo Jun Yang, Ying Zheng
Abstract:Aiming at the disadvantages like the enterprise application system scalability, integration and interoperability is not strong, neglecting...
Authors: Zheng Hu, Jie Miao, Can Ru Wang
Abstract:Along with the rapid progress of heterogeneous networks, multiple user terminals can cooperate via local or short networks as a integrate...
Authors: Yan Hui Chen
Abstract:Information and communication are key to the ability of the organization to respond to change. Information and communication technology (ICT)...
Authors: Zhen Li, Yan Fang Zhao, Min Li
Abstract:As one of the most important parts of the financial organizations nowadays, banking industry plays an important role in not just the area of...
Authors: Bin Huang, Xian Ying Zeng
Abstract:This study is based on 8 large-scale outdoor tests of rock-soil aggregate in Da-Liu Expressway subgrade construction site.and has got the...
Authors: Jian Hui Song, Liang Chen
Abstract:Traveling wave velocity is the key to the measuring accuracy of the time-domain reflectometry cable length measurement system. The velocity...
Authors: Jing Song Cui, Lu Liu, Gang Du, Qian Qi Guan
Authors: Li Li Wang, Zheng Yang
Abstract:Rural settlements of LuGuLake in Yunnan province have an original architectural characteristics —Wooden houses which are shaped by the...
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