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Authors: Zhen Hua Wei, Xue Sen Li, Jie Lin, Le Zhang
Abstract:Safety is of importance for power production. It is known that kinds of abnormal action in power production are concerned with objects....
Authors: Wei Yang, Bai Quan Lin, Yong An Qu, Wu Qiang Zhao, Yong Ming Jiang, Jian Li Wang
Abstract:This paper points out that the coal-bed methane can not only cause gas outburst and explosion, but is also the greenhouse gas. At the same...
Authors: Zhan Jun Liu, Feng Xie Qin, Qian Bin Chen
Abstract:Aiming to the shortcoming of traditional route protocols in cognitive radio networks, cognitive radio routing and optimal spectrum assignment...
Authors: Fei Chen, Hui Zhong Zhao
Abstract:The experiment to test the solar radiation intensity through borosilicate glass tubes with a variety of different radius of curvatures and...
Authors: Yan Liu, Ze Gang Ye
Abstract:The current implementation of the synchro to digital conversion (SDC) can not directly detect harmonic which can cause the problem of low...
Authors: Hui Zhang, Wen Yu Meng
Abstract:In this paper, we study the new method of option pricing based on the risk preference. We define the equivalent classes of random events...
Authors: Bo He
Abstract:As far as we know, a little research of mining global maximum frequent itemsets has been done. The paper proposed an algorithm for mining...
Authors: Li Ping Fan
Abstract:Traditionally it is widely accepted that there are gender discrepancies in using language. Nowadays with the fast development of Internet and...
Authors: Liu Bai Li, Yan Ma, Yuan Yuan Liang
Abstract:During process of objects tracking, problem of tracking box about marked objects is a major problem. Moreover, tracking of multi-objects are...
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