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Authors: Xin Yan Yue, Bi Shuang Chen, Jing Zhao, Hong Qiang Ru, Wei Wang
Abstract:B4C ceramics were obtained using hot-pressing method. The effect of different sintering temperatures on the microstructures and...
Authors: Yong Ling Li, Ying Shu Liu, Xiong Yang
Abstract:Based on pressure swing adsorption, Proportion Pressure Swing Adsorption (PPSA), a new enrichment method with high safety, was suggested to...
Authors: Lei Yu, Jin Xi Zhang
Abstract:In order to study the occurrence regularity of early-age plastic shrinkage cracking, a series of indoor and outdoor experiments have been...
Authors: Pin Jiang Li, Wen Jun Fa, Yan Ge Zhang, Bao Jun Huang, Yi Dong Zhang
Abstract:Hairball-like bismuth trisulphide microcrystallines has been successfully prepared via one step solvothermal process and characterized by...
Authors: Li Jun Bai, Ping Qian, Yao Wen Hu, Jiu Li Liu, Jiang Shen
Abstract:An atomistic simulation of the structural properties of the new ternary A4Rh13Si9 and...
Abstract:Due to similar publication in another journal the authors have withdrawn the paper.
Authors: Qing Jun Ding, Ji Yu Han, Xiu Lin Huang
Abstract:In this article, through the measurements on neat cement paste strength and heat of hydration at the early stage and using several analytical...
Authors: Jiu Li Liu, Ping Qian, Yao Wen Hu, Li Jun Bai, Jiang Shen
Abstract:An atomistic simulation is presented on the phase stability and lattice parameters of the new actinide intermetallic compounds...
Authors: Hong Yan Chen, Hua Bo Huang, Ji Hui Wang
Abstract:Chemically functionalized muliti-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs)/vinyl ester resin (VE) nanocomposites were prepared. MWCNTs were first...
Authors: Ru Tian, Yu Dong Zheng, Xin Liang, Zhang Ming Zhou, Xiao Li Fu, Wen Ting Lv
Abstract:Microcapsules were prepared by in situ polymerization of melamine-formaldehyde resin to form shell over oxygen resin droplets. Stirring rate,...
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