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Flows Field Simulation of Two-Phase Swirling Flows Finishing

Two-phase swirling flows finishing is put forward mainly for hole surface. By theoretic analysis and experimental research, the characteristics of flows field will directly affect finishing quality and efficiency. On the basic premise of defining Renault stress model on swirling flows field, numerical simulation of velocity vector graph, turbulent kinetic energy graph, turbulent dissipation ratio graph, pressure distribution graph, vorticity magnitude distribution graph etc. are made, and vorticity magnitude and tangential velocity in different mediums are contrasted, which provide theoretic basis for thorough research.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 24-25)
Edited by
Hang Gao, Zhuji Jin and Yannian Rui
S. Q. Yang, W. H. Li, S. C. Yang, "Flows Field Simulation of Two-Phase Swirling Flows Finishing", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 24-25, pp. 17-22, 2007
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September 2007
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