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Study on the Ultrasonic Machining of Hydroxyapatite/SiCw Composite Bioceramics Material

The influence of whisker orientation on machining mechanism, material removal rate and roughness of finished surface when machining the hydroxyapatite /SiCw composite bioceramics material using ultrasonic machining technology was studied. The research results show that material removal rate and roughness of finished surface increase with the increase of the direction angle θ . Under the same machining condition, the higher is the fracture toughness of the material, the lower the material removal rate is. This provides basis for the ultrasonic machining of hydroxyapatite /SiCw composite bioceramics material.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 24-25)
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Hang Gao, Zhuji Jin and Yannian Rui
Z. W. Niu, Q. Z. Zhao, X. T. Wei, "Study on the Ultrasonic Machining of Hydroxyapatite/SiCw Composite Bioceramics Material", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 24-25, pp. 61-64, 2007
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September 2007
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