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Temple’s Life in City-Heterogeneous System

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 250 - 253)
Main Theme Advanced Building Materials
Edited by Guangfan Li, Yong Huang and Chaohe Chen
Pages 2777-2781
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Chun Ling Li et al., 2011, Advanced Materials Research, 250-253, 2777
Online since May 2011
Authors Chun Ling Li, Yan Zhou
Keywords City Heterogeneous System, Guiyuan Buddhist Temple, Temple Life
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Temples usually are located beside cities as means to leading to a saintly and calm life in china for more than 500 years ago. But in these fast developing years in china, the peaceful temples are encircled by the fast growing cities, and as tourism become an important activity, it also encroaches into temples because of its inimitable character. The temple now is a heterogeneous system now is faced with the changes of value, judgment and moreover, it is thence critical as the spirits of the bonzes may be put out of balance and thirst for unreligious life a cause for lure. In this kind of situation, this article discusses how to keep the balance within the spirits of the bonzes even within our noisy earthliness and also provide for worship in order to glorify the power of Buddha within the same temple space by measure of physical planning. From record analysis of the Guiyuan Buddhist temple in Wuhan China, it can be established that temples still can be a saintly and calm place for all the bonzes, and for providing comfort for the anguished and confused public who come to visit.