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Authors: Liang Zhang, Yu Liang Lu, Jin Hong Liu
Abstract:To solve the problem of Deep Web data sources topic classification, this paper proposed a quantum self-organization feature mapping network...
Authors: Yi Yong Han, Jun Ju Zhang, Ben Kang Chang, Yi Hui Yuan, Hui Xu
Abstract:Under the assumption that human visual perception is highly adapted for extracting structural information from a scene, we present a new...
Authors: Jaw Kuen Shiau, Der Ming Ma, Chen Xuan Huang, Ming Yu Chang
Abstract:This study investigates the effects of temperature on micro-electro mechanical system (MEMS) gyroscope null drift and methods and efficiency...
Authors: Yuan Ren, Guang Chen Bai
Abstract:The use of least squares support vector machine (LSSVM), a novel machine learning method, for classification and function approximation has...
Authors: Jian Hong Chen, Jian Qing Xi, Liang Shao
Abstract:Nowadays P2P is the premier data distribution technology which tops Internet traffic flow chart. It becomes more and more important to...
Authors: Song Hao Piao, Qiu Bo Zhong, Xian Feng Wang, Chao Gao
Abstract:A gait control system is designed for walking a slope movement according to the features of biped robot, Two BP networks are introduced into...
Authors: Song Hao Piao, Qiu Bo Zhong, Shu Ai Wang, Xian Feng Wang
Abstract:The robot vision system is the critical component of the soccer robot, in football competition, robot perceive the most of the information...
Abstract:Removed due to plagiarism. Original paper is published at:
Authors: Yuan Yi Zhang
Abstract:Aimed at the defects of security monitoring system in intelligent building with complicated design, higher production cost, uneasy to...
Authors: Yi Chun Chen, Debby Chang, Chiung En Huang
Abstract:During the last two decades, many approaches to corporate and industrial environmental management as well as tools and sustainability...
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