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Effect of Crushed Clay Brick as Coarse Aggregate on Creep Behavior of Concrete

Difference between creep behaviors of concrete made from stone chips and crushed clay bricks, i.e. brick chips as coarse aggregate are examined by means of creep testing on their representative samples. Two different grades of concrete 17.2 and 27.5 N/mm2 are prepared from brick chips and stone chips using appropriate mix design and are tested for creep for up to 50 days. Stone chips and brick chips aggregates used are selected in a way so that their gradation and fineness modulus remains as close as possible. Results from creep testing shows that concrete made from brick chips as coarse aggregate having same strength as that of concrete made from stone chips shows higher creep strain. As concrete strength increases, the difference in creep strain becomes more pronounced. Also, at initial loading condition, concrete made from brick chips shows higher rate of creep strain than that of concrete made from stone chips.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 261 - 263)
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Jingying Zhao
Ahmad Syed Ishtiaq et al., 2011, Advanced Materials Research, 261-263, 178
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May 2011
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