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Particle Dynamics and Heat Transfer at Workpiece Surface in Heat Treatment Fluidised Beds

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 264 - 265)
Main Theme Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies II
Edited by M.S.J. Hashmi, S. Mridha and S. Naher
Pages 1456-1461
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Wei Min Gao et al., 2011, Advanced Materials Research, 264-265, 1456
Online since June 2011
Authors Wei Min Gao, Ling Xue Kong, F.H. She, Peter D. Hodgson
Keywords Bubble Behaviour, Fluidised Bed, Heat Transfer, Heat Treatment, Particle Dynamics
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The particle behaviour in a heat treatment fluidised bed was studied by the analysis of particle images taken with a high speed CCD digital video camera. The comparison of particle dynamics was performed for the fluidised beds without part, with single part and with multi-parts. The results show that there are significant differences in particle behaviours both in different beds and at different locations of part surfaces. The total and radiative heat transfer coefficients at different surfaces of a metallic part in a fluidised bed were measured by a heat transfer probe developed in the present work. The structure of the probe was optimized with numerical simulation of energy conservation for measuring the heat transfer coefficient of 150-600 W/m2K. The relationship between the particle dynamics and the heat transfer was analysed to form the basis for future more rational designs of fluidised beds as well as for improved quality control.