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A Passive Circuit Based RF Optimization Methodology for Wireless Sensor Network Nodes

Return loss of wireless sensor network (WSN) node indicates the impedance matching between signal ports of the RF chip and the antenna, and thus shows the transmission efficiency in the signal path. All circuit components, including capacitors, inductors, PCB tracks, packaging parasitic and RF ports were modeled as equivalent passives, to achieve accurate simulation result of return loss of the WSN node. An optimization methodology of return loss was proposed based on the parameter sweep of the equivalent passive network simulation. With the help of the methodology, some critical components’ values were changed to obtain optimized RF performance for the wireless node. Measurements matched the analysis and simulation well and showed great improvement.

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Yanwen Wu
L. Q. Zheng, A. Mathewson, B. O'Flynn, M. Hayes, C. O'Mathuna, "A Passive Circuit Based RF Optimization Methodology for Wireless Sensor Network Nodes", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 267, pp. 1059-1064, 2011
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June 2011
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